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【Meiruier Filter】How often do I change the oil filter

2023-03-16 View:

The current oil filters are basically spin-on oil filters. There is a round iron box outside, wrapped with folded filter paper. Now the machine filter paper is thermally solidified, so it has a certain hardness and strength. Unlike ordinary paper, it can withstand oil pressure and is not easy to deform. In this way, the oil filter is screwed in the middle of the oil passage, the oil pan is below, and the engine is above.
Its main function is to filter impurities and dirt in the engine oil, provide clean lubricating oil for the engine, reduce wear and prolong the engine life.
This is how the oil filter works. It has an oil inlet and an oil outlet. The oil in the oil pan flows from the inlet check valve to the machine filter. The dirty oil flows into the edge of the machine filter and the outside of the filter paper. Then filter with filter paper. Clean oil flows out of the center of the machine filter and is sprayed onto all parts of the engine.
This is a normal work process, but there are also some special circumstances. For example, the machine filter takes a long time, and there are too many impurities on the filter paper, blocking the filter paper hole, which will lead to a smaller amount of oil flowing out and less oil entering the engine, which will affect the lubrication and operation of the engine.
In order to ensure the amount of oil flowing into the engine and maintain the oil pressure, there is a spring valve at the bottom of the oil filter, called the bypass valve, which will automatically open, so that unfiltered oil flows from the valve at the bottom, joins with the oil in the center of the machine filter, and flows into the engine, but at this time, the mixed oil is the oil with impurities.
The filter paper will not deform in a short time due to oil pressure and immersion. However, the service life of the machine filter is mainly determined by its filtering capacity, not its own quality.
If there are too many impurities and oil dirt in the oil, it will adhere to the filter paper, block the filter hole, and cause the oil pressure to decrease, so that the oil with impurities can enter the engine directly, which is equivalent to the oil without being filtered. In fact, it's time to replace the filter. Therefore, the replacement of the machine filter depends on the cleanliness of the oil.

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