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In the process of continuous development, Meiruier has gradually formed a unique corporate culture. With corporate culture as the development power, it has greatly enhanced the corporate image, as well as the team spirit of the majority of employees, forming a strong cohesive force. The image of culture originates from the ideological values of enterprise employees, and the consistent values are the source and development power of enterprise culture. The management culture, product culture, service culture and brand culture of Meiruier are the core to enter the market.

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It is because of the continuous improvement of management mechanism, systematic network sales and standardized market service. Thus, the "meiruier" brand  in the fierce market competition has won the title of "Anhui Quality Trustworthy Product", which is fully recommended by Anhui recommended product service center.

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In the management innovation, highlighted the "people-oriented" humanized management, in the actual action, advocated the staff to speak positively. Combining the administration, economic management and the subjective consciousness of the staff, we should carry forward the spirit of the enterprise master of the staff. The application of computer to enterprise management, timely information, so that enterprise managers in the shortest possible time to understand the company's operation, quickly formulate a reasonable business plan. In terms of product development, the development cycle is shortened and the production efficiency is improved. In terms of quality management, we have introduced senior management talents and technical talents, so that enterprises can continuously produce high-quality products with the latest technology and technology. The international quality management system ISO9001:2000 has been running continuously and effectively in enterprises, which has promoted the development of brand culture. Meiruier people always believe that brand is the embodiment of the overall image and comprehensive quality of an enterprise. Therefore, in the process of production, sales and service, we always adhere to the principle of "focusing on customers' attention", and "quick response and immediate action" are carried out in all employees to make employees feel their sense of responsibility and mission, act consciously and participate in the whole staff.

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