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OE partner

We have a lot of supporting experience supporting manager to provide you with:

1. Project establishment stage
Assign special personnel to connect the project and follow up the project progress
2. Product design stage
The technology research and development team participates in joint development, provides technical support and continuously optimizes the products
3. Product test stage
Meiruil technology research and development center provides experimental service support throughout the process, and timely feedback product performance information
4. Product batch production stage
Technical personnel provide on-site technical support in small batch trial production stage
5. Product batch production stage
The products can be produced in batches with quality and quantity, and the supporting specialists provide perfect after-sales service

Dealer partner

Once we become partners, you can provide on-site training and training to the Meiruier filter at your request. We will show you the engineering design, production line, laboratory and warehouse of the company, so that you can understand the filtering technology of engine system and the performance and advantages of our products, and provide further training to the partners to better support the end customers. At the same time, we can design the plaque and provide decoration subsidies for our partners (including plaque, interior decoration, overall commodity display, commodity category, staff uniform, etc.)