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【Meiruier Filter】What are the symptoms of a blocked diesel filter element

2023-03-18 View:

What are the symptoms of a blocked diesel filter element
Most diesel filters are recommended to be replaced at 5000-1000 km. However, if the diesel filter element becomes clogged, the diesel engine may experience symptoms such as insufficient power, low oil pressure, poor driving ability, and even black exhaust smoke. Therefore, it is necessary to comply with the replacement requirements for diesel fuel filter elements and replace them regularly to ensure that the diesel fuel filter elements can always filter diesel fuel normally.
The diesel filter element can effectively extend the service life of filter elements such as fuel injection pumps and diesel fuel nozzles by filtering impurities and particles in diesel fuel. There are two types of diesel filter structures, namely, replacement type and rotary type.

Diesel filter replacement
1. Close the oil inlet ball valve and open the upper end cap. If the upper end cover is an aluminum alloy type, it needs to be slowly pried open from the side gap using a flat head screwdriver.
Unscrew the plug wire at the drain outlet and drain the dirty oil.
Loosen the fastening nut on the upper end of the filter element, wear oil proof gloves, tightly grasp the filter element, and vertically remove the old filter element.
Replace the filter element with a new one, install the sealing ring and tighten the nut.
5. Tighten the drain plug, install the upper cover, and tighten the bolts.
When using diesel filters, they need to be replaced frequently. In order to improve the quality of diesel fuel involved in combustion, make it participate in combustion more fully, provide better power for the vehicle, and make the driver have a more comfortable experience when driving.

It is important to know that the sulfur content in domestic diesel fuel is very high. If there is a problem with the diesel filter element of a car, the sulfur will react directly with water to generate sulfuric acid, which will corrode the internal parts of the engine. Of course, regular replacement of the diesel filter element is necessary.
In order to ensure the effective function of the diesel filter element, vehicles usually need to be replaced every 1000-2000 kilometers. Of course, we still have to make a decision based on the actual situation. When we find that the color of the filter element inside the diesel filter has obviously turned black, it indicates that the diesel filter element is seriously polluted by harmful substances, and it is necessary to immediately replace a new filter element to ensure the cleanliness of the fuel.

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