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【Meiruier Filter】How to choose oil filter

2022-06-18 View:

The largest amount of use in car maintenance, the most likely to attract the attention of car owners and friends is often the oil. I believe many of my friends feel the same way. In fact, it is understandable to care about the oil, and the oil filter is equally important. The importance of the oil filter element is not even lower than the choice of oil in a certain sense. Therefore, when choosing oil, you should pay more attention to the choice of oil filter. However, there are many brands of oil filter elements, and many oil filter elements can hardly distinguish the authenticity or pros and cons from the appearance. Therefore, from a small personal experience, pay attention to the following aspects:

Try to use the original oil filter or brand products, such as Mrefilter
First of all, the original oil filter element will be produced according to the requirements of the OEM, including the size of the filter element, the section of the filter paper, the special internal design and the maximum use time of the filter element, etc., so the original oil filter element can ensure the safety of the engine Operation or use without hidden dangers.
The brand's oil filter will basically be produced according to the original standard, but the difference is that the brand's oil filter will have the phenomenon of "one filter for multiple uses". In fact, many oil filters themselves have a universal side. It's just that the technical standards of brand products are higher, so they can be accepted by the market. In fact, when it comes to brand oil filter elements, some so-called original filter elements are nothing more than OEM products given by the factories of some brand products.
In addition to filtering the oil, another function of the oil filter is to assist heat dissipation, especially for some filter elements with relatively large physique, the effect of heat dissipation on the oil is more obvious. Therefore, the original oil filter element is generally considered comprehensively according to the various working conditions of the engine, including the size design of the filter element. Therefore, the original filter element is one of the most reliable engine protection devices.

The paper filter must not be used over time
Among the forms of oil filter elements for automobile engines, the most common ones are iron shell filter elements and paper filter elements. Among them, the iron shell filter element is widely used. One of the main reasons is that the iron shell filter element is relatively safe. Even if it is used over time, it will basically not cause other effects on the engine except that the filtering effect will be seriously reduced.
However, if the paper filter element is used over time, it will bring two risks. One is that the filter element is seriously deformed, reducing or unable to filter the oil. The second is that the filter paper has the risk of dissolving and dispersing, and the dispersed filter paper will block the oil circulation oil passage, resulting in abnormal engine noise and even serious wear. In addition, the paper filter element is generally a filter element repair kit, which contains some sealing rings. All replacements should be carried out at the same time to avoid oil leakage of the filter element cover.

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