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【Meiruier Filter】Air filter replacement method

2022-06-21 View:

When the air filter element is clogged, the engine will emit black smoke, become weak, and increase fuel consumption. Therefore, the air filter element should be cleaned and replaced regularly to keep the air filter unobstructed.
The cleaning and replacement method of the air filter element is as follows: turn off the engine, open the hood of the car, and find the location of the air filter. The shape of the air filter may vary from model to model, but it is similar. Familiar friends can know where they are at a glance, very simple.

① Remove the air filter clamp.
② Disconnect the crankcase ventilation pipe.
③ Remove the air filter fixing bolts.
④ Remove the air filter cover and remove the air filter element.
⑤ Take out the filter element from the air filter, blow the compressed air from the inside to the outside, and remove the dust on the air filter housing. When there is no compressed air, tap the filter element on the ground to shake off the dust, and then clean the air filter housing with a damp cloth.

If the air cleaner needs to be replaced, install the new air cleaner element into the air cleaner housing, install the plastic cover of the air cleaner element to the engine, and tighten the edge clamps. Simple. Air filter replacement installation is complete.

Precautions for replacing the air filter, pay attention not to break the buckle of the air filter box with excessive force, and do not drop the buckle under the engine after opening.

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