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【Meiruier Filter】How often should the petrol filter be changed

2022-06-16 View:

The replacement cycle of the gasoline filter is generally divided into two types:
1. One is external, as the name suggests, it is installed on the periphery of the vehicle. This kind of gasoline filter generally needs 20,000 kilometers to be replaced;
2. The second is the built-in one, which is installed in the fuel tank and installed with the gasoline pump. This kind of equipment generally needs to be replaced once every 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers;
3. The best time to replace the gasoline filter element is actually in the hands of the owner. The maintenance manual of each car will clearly stipulate the replacement time of the gasoline filter element. In actual use, we only need to adjust it slightly according to the quality of the oil.

However, from the actual use situation, the current gasoline is relatively clean unless the oil bottom is added or the oil tanker is draining the oil, generally 60,000 kilometers is no problem. Of course, if the oil circuit is not smooth, it should also be replaced, depending on the condition of the engine;
1. The gasoline filter is installed on the oil pipe next to the fuel tank, mainly to filter impurities in the gasoline;
2. Gasoline is made from crude oil through a complex process, and then delivered to various refueling stations through a special route, and finally to the owner's fuel tank. During this process, impurities in gasoline inevitably enter the fuel tank, and in addition, impurities will increase with the use of time. In this way, the filter used to filter the fuel will appear dirty and full of dregs, which will greatly reduce the filtering effect;
3. Therefore, it is recommended to replace it when the number of kilometers is reached. If it is not replaced, or the replacement is delayed, it will inevitably affect the performance of the car, cause the oil circuit to be poor, and the car will not be able to refuel, which will eventually lead to chronic damage to the engine, and even the engine needs to be overhauled.

The role of the gasoline filter is to:
1. Filter out these sundries in the fuel and supply clean fuel to the engine;
2. If the fuel filter is not good, the debris in the gasoline will easily block the small holes in the carburetor, which will cause the carburetor to work poorly and the combustible mixture will become thinner;
3. The sundries in the diesel oil enter the fuel injection pump, which will easily accelerate the wear of the precision couplers and reduce the oil pressure of the pump;

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