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Lean production promotes development

2022-05-30 View:

In order to ensure that the filter system itself is not polluted and protect the diesel engine fuel system to the greatest extent, Mrefilter invested in a new 100,000-class (food-grade) dust-free workshop in 2020, specializing in the production of Euro V and Euro VI filters. Each of our Euro 5 and 6 fuel filters are assembled and tested in a 100,000-class clean workshop.

Class 100,000 dust-free workshop refers to less than 100,000 dust particles with a diameter of ≥ 0.5 μm per cubic meter of air.

Mrefilter's lean production dust-free workshop consists of a dressing room, an air shower system, and a purification workshop.

Dressing room

Keep the personnel's clothes clean, and all personnel entering the dust-free workshop must put on 100,000-level special clean clothes. Personnel wearing and entering and leaving the clean room must be strictly implemented in accordance with Mrefilter's "Clean Room Management System".

Air shower system

It is the main channel for entering and exiting the purification workshop, and the high-speed clean air jet is used to effectively and quickly remove the dust carried by the human body. After completion, you can enter the dust-free purification workshop. According to the "Clean Room Management System", each component needs to be cleaned before entering the clean room from the material spray room, so as to ensure the cleanliness requirements of each component itself.

Purification workshop

Mrefilter purification workshop is composed of central air conditioning and air purification system, which is the heart of the entire 100,000-level dust-free workshop. Control and purify workshop air dust particles and adjust temperature and humidity to ensure product cleanliness.

The seemingly complicated process is actually to ensure the quality of the product. Mrefilter always adheres to the quality policy of "quality first, customer first, accurate delivery, continuous improvement". At the same time, it will build a leading brand of high-end commercial vehicle filters with a global vision, open thinking and innovative model, and is committed to serving global consumers.

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