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Strengthen warehouse lean improvement and improve warehouse turnover efficiency

2022-05-09 View:

Warehousing plays an extremely important role in the process of enterprise development, and it can reflect the modernization level of an enterprise's warehouse management. Good warehouse planning can improve the overall operation speed of the enterprise, so as to better serve the enterprise. It will reduce the company's inventory cost, labor cost, and error cost, and it will also affect subsequent material procurement, finished product production, product sales, and user experience.

In order to effectively improve the management status of factory warehouses, reduce transportation distance, prevent mixing of different products, improve delivery efficiency, reduce cost waste, strengthen warehouse lean management, improve warehouse turnover efficiency, and standardize user behavior, Mrefilter uses recyclable totes for material storage.



After the materials are counted, according to the packaging, shape and storage requirements of the goods, combined with the warehouse equipment conditions and the length of storage time, the goods are placed and stacked according to certain rules, and comprehensive and reasonable arrangements are made.

Visual management, through the material identification card to know the information of materials entering and leaving the warehouse every day, which is convenient for irregular and periodic inventory. It allows people to see the existing inventory at a glance, facilitates the information feedback of materials, and realizes that there is an account on the material, and there is a material on the account, which is intuitive and clear. A small card brings great convenience to everyone's work.

Through the material turnover box, the management can more clearly know which products are in and out of the warehouse more and less, and can make adjustments in future procurement and production to ensure profits, thus providing strong management for procurement, production and sales personnel.

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