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2022-06-02 View:

On the evening of May 30, the production department received a notice that due to special reasons, 4 cabinets need to be installed on the 31st. However, some products have not been produced.

"Meeting customer needs is our value. Although today's task is difficult, we must uphold the spirit of Mrefilter's hard work and unity. As long as we have goals, we must work hard, and be sure to complete today's production plan, come on." At the morning meeting on the 31st, Feng Lei, Minister of Production and Manufacturing, said to the employees of each production line.

After the morning meeting, the employees immediately put into production. Feng Lei looked at the production schedule in his hand and thought about it. There are hundreds of types of filters to be produced today. He himself felt that it was difficult to complete, but he had to encourage employees and encourage himself. There was no reason or condition. If there were difficulties, they would be dealt with, and if there were problems, they would be pulled. 100% of the production plan tasks must be completed according to the requirements.

In response to today's production tasks, all leaders attach great importance to them and arrange relevant personnel to prepare in advance. The scheduling room confirms the complete set of materials and personnel arrangements, the process room confirms the process flow and tooling tools, and the preparation section prepares logistics and distribution in advance. In order to ensure the delivery of production, the technical personnel are required to monitor the production line during the production process, schedule and track and report the material situation in real time, the team leaders conduct real-time inspections on site, other personnel are on standby, and if there is an abnormality, the feedback is pulled and processed at the first time to ensure the smooth delivery of the product.

At 20:30, the production lines were brightly lit, the production was orderly, and the products were advancing in an orderly manner.

At 22:00, although they have worked continuously for more than ten hours, the employees are still very motivated, and they look beautiful when they work hard.

At 24:00, the production of the last product was completed, packaged and shipped. With the slow closing of the door of the truck, the production plan was successfully completed.

The beautiful results are accompanied by the unremitting efforts behind the scenes, the unremitting efforts of the front-line employees, and the full cooperation and pull of the auxiliary personnel, which made the prelude of this production fall perfectly. In the whole production process, the Mrefilter factory from top to bottom, the joint linkage is closely coordinated, and the top and bottom are united in one heart and one goal, working together towards one goal. The style of prohibition and resolute execution runs through the entire time coordinate, and implements the cultural concept of Mrefilter with practical actions.

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