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【Meiruier Filter】How often to change the air filter

2022-05-11 View:

Gasoline combustion requires oxygen to support combustion, but does not require some dust, sand and other impurities in the air, so the car also needs to wear a "mask", which is what we often call an air filter, also called an air grid.

Generally, it is best to replace the vehicle once every six months or after driving 10,000 kilometers.

Under normal circumstances, ordinary household cars use dry air filters, and their lifespan is about 20,000 kilometers. The car can be replaced after this number of kilometers. If the air quality of the driving environment is particularly poor and there is a lot of sand and dust, then the mileage will be shortened, and even if necessary, it will have to be replaced once every 10,000 kilometers.

The main components of the air filter are the filter element and the casing. The filter element is the main filtering part, which is responsible for the filtration of the gas, and the casing is the external structure that provides the necessary protection for the filter element. The working requirements of the air filter are to be able to undertake high-efficiency air filtration work, without adding too much resistance to the air flow, and to work continuously for a long time.

All kinds of air filters have their own advantages and disadvantages, but there is inevitably a contradiction between the intake air volume and the filtering efficiency. With the in-depth research on air filters, the requirements for air filters are getting higher and higher. Some new types of air filters have appeared, such as fiber filter element air filters, double filter material air filters, muffler air filters, constant temperature air filters, etc., to meet the needs of engine work.

Regularly check and clean the dust holes on the centrifugal dust cover, remove the dust adhering to the deflector, and pour out the dust in the dust cup (the dust collection in the container should not exceed 1/3 of its volume). During installation, the sealing of the rubber gasket at the connection should be ensured, and there should be no air leakage, otherwise the air flow will be short-circuited, reducing the rotation speed of the air, and greatly reducing the dust removal effect.

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