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【Meiruier Filter】How often to change diesel filter

2022-05-07 View:

Diesel filters are recommended to be replaced between 5,000 and 10,000 kilometers:
1. The function of the fuel filter is to filter the impurities in the fuel of the automobile, so that the fuel supplied to the engine for combustion is purer. With the increase of the age of the vehicle and the increase of the mileage, the fuel filter works for a long time and reaches a certain life cycle, which will cause the vehicle to lose speed, increase the fuel consumption, increase the noise, and reduce the handling performance. Service intervals may vary slightly between different models. During major maintenance, the filter is generally replaced at the same time as the oil filter, diesel filter and air filter;
2. The disassembly, assembly and replacement of the combustion filter is relatively complicated. Do not operate it yourself. It needs to be operated and installed by professionals in the special store. Before purchasing products, please be sure to verify the model, displacement and other information of your car to ensure that you buy the correct model of accessories;
3. When it feels that the speed of the vehicle is significantly reduced, the engine acceleration is poor, and the car is weak, it is necessary to think that the fuel filter may have been blocked, and it needs to be checked in time.

The consequences of not replacing the fuel filter for a long time are as follows:
1. The main function of the gasoline filter is to filter out impurities in gasoline. If the gasoline filter is too dirty or clogged, it is mainly manifested as follows: when the throttle is added, the power is slow, or it cannot be started, and the car is difficult to start. The function of the gasoline filter is to filter out the moisture and impurities in the gasoline;
2. When the engine is working, the fuel enters the sedimentation cup of the filter through the oil inlet pipe under the action of the gasoline pump. Since the volume becomes larger and the flow rate becomes smaller at this time, water and impurity particles heavier than the oil will settle at the bottom of the cup, the light impurities will flow to the filter element with the fuel oil, and the clean fuel penetrates into the inside of the filter element from the pores of the filter element, and then flows out through the oil pipe;
3. After a long time, your gasoline filter element is full of dirt, soil, and dregs, so it is recommended to replace it after the number of kilometers. If you don't change it, or if you delay it, it will definitely affect your car's performance, such as poor oil flow and boring car refueling. Over time, the filtration performance of the steam filter is greatly reduced, which eventually leads to chronic damage to the engine, or even overhaul of the engine, and the taxi runs for a long time.

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