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【Meiruier Filter】Is the oil filter removable?

2022-05-06 View:

The oil filter can be disassembled. The method of disassembling the oil filter:
1. Preheat the engine, open the cover of the engine oil filling port, remove the engine guard plate after lifting the vehicle, remove the oil drain screw of the oil pan, and release the old oil;
2. Put down the vehicle to remove the old oil filter element, unpack the new oil filter element, apply an appropriate amount of new oil to the sealing ring, and use a clean rag to clean the oil and dirt on the joint part of the filter element;
3. Screw on the new filter, tighten it with a suitable wrench with a certain torque, and clean the appearance and joint parts of the new filter. Screw on the oil drain screw, put down the vehicle, add new oil, check the oil level, and let the vehicle run at idle and medium speed for a while, during which time, pay attention to whether there is oil leakage, and complete the operation after everything is normal.

Oil filter replacement steps

Step 1: Drain the waste oil
First drain the waste oil in the oil tank, place the old oil container under the oil pan, open the oil drain bolt, and drain the waste oil. When draining the oil, try to let the oil drip for a period of time to ensure that the waste oil is drained cleanly. When the oil is used, a lot of impurities will be produced. If it is not discharged cleanly during replacement, it is easy to block the oil circuit, resulting in poor oil supply and wear of structural parts.

Step 2: Remove the old oil filter
Move the old oil container under the filter and remove the old filter element. Be careful not to contaminate the inside of the machine with waste oil.

Step 3: Preparations before the oil filter element is installed
In this step, I will tell you that there is no need to fill the filter element with oil first to replace the new filter.

There are two ways to install the oil filter. The common one is vertical installation, and there are many small digging machine filters that are horizontally installed. The installation method is different, so filling with oil is also divided into two situations:

First, let’s talk about the oil filter element installed vertically. It is connected to the oil pump through an oil delivery pipe. This installation method generally recommends that the user replace the filter and fill the filter element with oil. If the new filter is not filled with oil, air resistance will occur inside the new filter element, which will cause a short-term lack of oil lubrication inside the machine when driving, which will cause structural wear. The advantage of vertical installation is that the filter element has better sealing and less oil leakage occurs.

Before replacing the filter, find a clean environment, remove the protective film, and then fill the new filter with oil. During the oil filling process, pay attention to the surrounding environment, check the oil drum and oil filling port, and ensure that no impurities such as soil are brought in. After filling the oil, apply oil on the sealing ring by hand to increase the sealing performance.

Besides, the horizontally installed oil filter element is directly connected to the oil pump without passing through the oil pipe. In this design, there is no air resistance inside the filter when filling oil into the fuel tank, and the filter element does not need to be filled with oil before installation. Full of oil.

Step 4: Install the new oil filter
Check the oil outlet where the oil filter element is installed, and clean up the dirt and residual waste oil on it. Before installation, put a sealing ring on the oil outlet, and then slowly screw on the new filter. Do not screw the filter too tightly. Under normal circumstances, after tightening by hand, use a wrench to tighten 3/4 turns. Note that when installing a new filter element, use a wrench not to use too much force, otherwise the sealing ring inside the filter element will be easily damaged, resulting in poor sealing effect and no filtering effect!

Step 5: Fill the oil tank with new oil
Finally, fill the oil tank with new oil, using a funnel if necessary, to prevent the oil from being poured outside the engine. After filling, check the lower part of the engine again for leaks.

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