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Mrefilter's hot shipments under the epidemic

2022-04-26 View:

Since March, the epidemic has broken out in many places across the country, and the situation is severe, which not only affects everyone's life, but also adversely affects Mrefilter's market sales and product delivery.

In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic and ensure normal production and the delivery cycle required by customers, Mrefilter has arranged for a special person to be responsible for the delivery during the epidemic. Under the unified leadership and deployment of the epidemic prevention command departments at all levels, after receiving the delivery notice, Mrefilter took multiple measures to find vehicles, face difficulties, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to ensure smooth product delivery.

Strengthen the management of transport vehicles, strictly follow the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, make advance reporting of delivery vehicles, scan codes when entering the factory, and disinfect safety, so as to ensure that the vehicles entering the factory and the vehicles that are loaded will leave the factory smoothly. Mrefilter sent commissioners to track and supervise the whole process to ensure that the personnel entering the factory meet the prevention and control requirements, and the vehicles entering the factory area are strictly managed to ensure that the driver and the accompanying personnel do not leave the car.

In the medium and high-risk areas, the guaranteed supply vehicles cannot enter the factory. Mrefilter arranges the goods to be delivered to the expressway intersection, and performs secondary loading and unloading of the goods at the volunteer service point of the expressway intersection. Strictly implement the closed-loop management of vehicles throughout the whole process, and abide by the "drivers do not get off the car, do all-round disinfection, personnel do a good job of protection, and pick up the car and send the car to the whole closed loop".

Shipping under the epidemic is really not easy. Reporting, filling in various materials, receiving seals, picking up cars, monitoring the entire process of the Epidemic Prevention Office, disinfecting and sending them to the expressway... In the face of difficulties, Mrefilter carried out the same prevention of characters, strictly implemented the relevant operation procedures for epidemic prevention and control, and ensured that no Hidden danger, safe delivery.

Through a series of measures, Mrefilter has met the delivery requirements during the epidemic prevention and control period, improved emergency response capabilities, and provided customers with high-quality after-sales service, which has won unanimous praise from customers.

Although there are many difficulties, the short winter cannot erase the beauty of the world. Although the epidemic is ruthless, love is always by your side. When the haze dissipates and the flowers bloom, Mrefilter will meet you and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

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