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The most beautiful workers, they are by my side

2022-05-03 View:

They are outstanding representatives of the laboring masses, they are firm practitioners of hard work and prosperity, and they are the most beautiful laborers. In Merrill, there are also such a group of lovely people. They are dedicated and conscientious, and they bloom with their own brilliance in their respective positions! Although they are not dazzling stars on the stage, at this moment, let us applaud them together and pay tribute to them!

Manufacturing Center
Adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship and interpret the beauty of labor with actions

The roar of the machine, the shuttle of the forklift, the rotation of the mechanical arm... They charge in the production line, are not afraid of enduring hardships, stick to their jobs with full passion, and ensure that the daily production tasks are completed on time. In the case of a surge in orders, they all rolled up their sleeves and worked hard, often giving up their Sunday rest time, not dropping the chain at critical moments, ensuring the on-time delivery of products, and doing their part for the company's output value to reach a new high.

Marketing Center
Rise in unity, grow in adversity

On one side is the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and the other side is the achievement of sales revenue. All employees of the sales department, together are a fire, scattered are a sky full of stars, with high fighting spirit, to undertake the high expectations and targets given by the company. The business managers of the domestic sales department were not afraid of the epidemic, strictly took personal protection, and launched a guerrilla war against the epidemic. In order to maintain close contact with customers, they went wherever the policy allowed, and worked hard to win more market orders. Foreign trade salesmen tap potential customers through various channels, keep in touch with business partners who may have previously cooperated, and actively participate in foreign trade-related training courses online to further broaden the ideas and methods of foreign trade work. Only by growing against the trend can we show our strength. The sales team is up to the challenge, serving customers, satisfying the market, and doing our best.

Technology Center
Develop by technology, survive by quality

The stacking of drawings, the testing and testing, and the movement, are all busy figures who are fighting on the front line. Perfecting their designs one by one and striving to gain the approval of customers is the main tone of their busy schedule. Around the marketing center, design and develop new products and improve existing products to meet market demands and increase competitiveness. They take ambition as the pen, sweat as the ink, and constantly innovate and break through the problems. They are the writers with the spirit of struggle, and they are the new force and commando who promote the lean production of Merrill.

Financial Center
Not bad at all, keep improving

The keyboard sound, the printer sound, the sound is endless. Invoices and vouchers were born in this crisp voice. They strictly abide by the financial management system and tax regulations, perform their duties conscientiously, organize accounting, and guide each accounting unit to correctly conduct cost and internal economic accounting. Strictly check every item of expenses, reduce and control unnecessary and unreasonable expenses of the company, reduce the operating cost of the factory, and improve the efficiency of the use of funds. Under the correct leadership of the company and the concerted efforts of various departments, they focused on cost management and capital management, and completed various financial tasks in an orderly manner with a pragmatic and efficient work style, which effectively promoted the core role of financial management in enterprise management.

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