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Mrefilter overcomes difficulties and sprints for the second quarter

2022-04-16 View:

With the continuous outbreak of the epidemic all over the country, it has brought huge troubles to the normal production of Mrefilter. However, the Mrefilter team refused to lie down, refused to be negative, charged at the front line of production, and worked hard to coordinate all resources to ensure the normal production of the factory.

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. In order to ensure the stable operation of production, the equipment department fully implements the workshop arrangement, actively participates in the production preparation work, and repairs, transforms and maintains the equipment in various parts of the factory to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and escort the production.

Technicians do a good job in the connection between the technical department and the production department, do technical support for the production line, and solve the technical process problems encountered on the production site in a timely manner. Check and analyze unqualified products every day, formulate improvement measures, continuously track results, strictly control quality products, and strictly control process management.

The Planning and Purchasing Department changed from passive to active, and made intensive preparations for production materials. According to the requirements of the overall development plan of the project, plan in detail, discuss carefully, do a good job in the development plan of externally sourced parts, the tracking management plan for mold development, and make a development guarantee plan for risky projects. Pay attention to the inventory of materials every day, and reduce the occurrence of production line stoppage or forced production change due to inconsistent materials.

On the production line, all members are on duty, and the heads of each production section actively organize production to ensure orderly production. Every employee in the workshop sticks to his own post, with a highly responsible attitude, strict requirements for himself, excellence in products, and completion of production tasks with high quality and quantity.

The most beautiful April day in the world, live up to the spring and work hard. Entering the second quarter, all employees of Mrefilter are united and full of energy to do all the work carefully and practically, increase production, ensure delivery, and work hard towards higher goals.

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