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Remembering the martyrs and fighting the epidemic together

2022-04-02 View:

The 2022 Qingming Festival holiday is approaching. According to the relevant national regulations and the actual production situation of the company, the company has decided to make the following arrangements for the Qingming Festival holiday after research:
1. There will be a 2-day holiday from April 4, 2022 (Monday) to April 5 (Tuesday), and work will be resumed on April 3, 2022 (Sunday).
2. During the holiday, all employees should continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the requirements of normalized epidemic prevention and control, and do not travel far during the holiday or minimize unnecessary travel.
3. Wear a mask when going out, keep a distance from others, do not gather in crowded places, and maintain good living habits.
4. Before the holiday, the person in charge of each department must keep the phone unblocked for 24 hours so that they can be contacted at any time.

5. All departments, workshops and teams must thoroughly carry out 6S work before the holiday. During the holiday, cut off all water, electricity and gas sources, and close the doors and windows to ensure the safety of the company's property.

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