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Fighting the epidemic together

2022-03-28 View:

In order to implement the government's epidemic prevention and control work requirements and ensure the production safety of enterprises, on the morning of March 27, Anhui Meiruier Filter Co., Ltd. cooperated with the district epidemic prevention and control emergency headquarters to carry out the third nucleic acid test for all employees of our company. Further expand the scope and frequency of nucleic acid testing and screening, do a good job in epidemic investigation, ensure the normal operation of safety production in all departments, and actively cooperate with the development zone to build a defense line against the epidemic.

(The first nucleic acid test)

(The second nucleic acid test)

(The third nucleic acid test)

At the nucleic acid site, personnel from the Personnel Department will assist volunteers to register information and other work. In order to prevent large-scale gatherings of people, personnel from various departments of the company are notified to conduct testing in batches and time periods. Everyone took the initiative to line up, and everyone wore masks. Under the unified arrangement of the on-site staff, they cooperated with the medical staff to complete the sample collection. At the same time, employees of the company acted as security guards to maintain order throughout the process, reminding queuing personnel to pay attention to the distance of 1 meter to avoid crowding.

(Our volunteers)

Sampling is in order. Within half an hour, the nucleic acid sampling task for all employees of the company was completed. It not only effectively promotes the nucleic acid screening of enterprise employees, but also ensures the normal production and operation of enterprises. Subsequently, all non-enterprise personnel entered the sampling site, and under the orderly maintenance of the company's security officers, they took good care of themselves, and left quickly after receiving the throat swab sampling.

(Tested by non-company personnel)

In this test, Meiruier and the medical staff strictly followed the sampling process, which effectively ensured the efficient and orderly progress of nucleic acid testing, and solved the worries of the company's production. Through the inspection of all employees, the awareness of epidemic prevention and control of employees has been further strengthened, and the initiative and consciousness of everyone to take prevention and control measures have been improved. An "epidemic safety barrier" has been added to the safety of employees, allowing employees to devote themselves to the production line with more peace of mind.

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