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【Meiruier Filter】Truck diesel filter drain

2022-01-22 View:

Truck diesel filter drain water:
1. Park the car on a flat and hard ground, and pull out the oil outlet pipe of the diesel filter element from the engine after turning off the engine.
2. Close the cover of the diesel filter element.
3. Use a wrench to open the exhaust port of the diesel filter element to keep the internal and external air pressure consistent.
4. Open the blue drain valve of the diesel filter element, so that the water inside flows out naturally.
5. After the water flows out, close the exhaust port and cover of the diesel filter element, and then connect the oil outlet pipe to the engine.

The fuel filter needs to be replaced depending on the air quality. The main replacement is as follows:
1. It is generally recommended to replace the fuel filter every 15,000 kilometers;
2. When replacing the fuel filter or maintaining the fuel system, smoking and the use of open flames are strictly prohibited. If lighting is required during the maintenance operation, it must be ensured that the lighting used meets the occupational safety standards;
3. The replacement of the fuel filter must be carried out when the engine is cold, because the high-temperature exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust pipe when the engine is warmed up can also ignite the fuel;
4. Before replacing the fuel filter, the pressure in the fuel system should be released according to the operating procedures specified by the automobile manufacturer;
5. Inferior steam filters often lead to poor fuel supply, insufficient power or even flameout. Impurities are not filtered, and over time, the oil circuit and fuel injection system will be corroded and damaged.

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