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【Meiruier Filter】Consequences of not changing the air filter for a long time

2022-01-24 View:

The consequences of not replacing the air filter for a long time will cause damage to the engine. If the air filter of the car is removed, and then drive as usual, the wear degree of the cylinder is eight times that of a car with an air filter, and the wear degree of the piston is three times, the piston rings nine times. In other words, without this air filter, the engine will be scrapped in two or three years.

The function of the car air filter is to filter the air entering the car engine to ensure that the incoming air is relatively pure:
1. If the air core filter is too dirty, it needs to be replaced. If the air filter element is too dirty and a large amount of dust is attached to it, it will hinder the passage of air and reduce the intake air volume of the engine, thereby causing the engine power to drop and driving fuel consumption to increase;
2. The air filtered by the air filter element is mixed with the fuel to form a combustible mixture that burns in the cylinder. If there is no air filter in the intake system, the air entering the cylinder may carry fine grit, particles or other non-combustible foreign matter, which can cause wear or damage to the cylinder walls, pistons, live cold rings, and valves. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the engine and prolong its service life, the air filter element is essential in a car;
3. The material of the air filter element is generally paper or fiber cloth, cotton yarn, non-woven fabric, felt, etc., especially the composition of paper material is the most common. It is designed so that air can pass through, but foreign objects and particles will be blocked from passing through. After a period of use, there will be a lot of dust and foreign matter on the air filter element. When doing regular maintenance of the car, the maintenance master will usually use a high-pressure air gun to clean it for you. The air filter has a certain service life, which is generally one year or 20,000 kilometers. It is recommended to replace it after reaching the expiration date to ensure the purity of the intake air.

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