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【Meiruier Filter】How to change the oil filter yourself

2022-01-20 View:

How to replace the oil filter element:
1. Run the engine to make it reach the working temperature, then turn off the engine, pull up the handbrake, let the vehicle stand for 5-10 minutes, jack up the vehicle with a jack, and plug the front wheel with a wooden wedge;
2. Loosen the oil pan screw a little, put the pot covered with the plastic bag under the screw, and put the pot in place. Continue to screw the screw by hand, and when pouring a little bit of oil, be careful to unscrew the screw, and be careful not to be scalded by the hot oil;
3. When the oil flow is almost the same, open the oil cap on the engine cover, and use the filter wrench to loosen the oil filter counterclockwise;
4. Wipe the chassis of the filter element on the engine with a rag. Take out the new oil filter element, apply a layer of oil film on the gasket by hand, this oil film can be used as a sealant;
5. Put in the new oil filter, tighten the filter element according to the thread, be careful not to make it too tight, and clean the oil drain bolt and drain device. Then put the oil drain bolt back to its original place, first rotate the oil drain bolt by hand, and then fix it with a wrench, and do not tighten it too tightly.

In most cases, the filter is changed every 20,000 kilometers:
1. But if it has not reached 20,000 kilometers, as long as the oil is changed, the filter is generally replaced together;
2. The price of a machine filter varies in the dozens, and it is not distressing to change more;
3. For some cars with long-acting oil, such as friends who change the oil every 30,000 kilometers and 60,000 kilometers, you can also choose some long-acting filters, some of which can reach 100,000 kilometers of life, but the price will be slightly more expensive.

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