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【Meiruier Filter】Does changing the air filter waste oil?

2022-01-19 View:

Not changing the air filter will waste oil.
1. If the air filter element is dirty, it will cause the air intake to be unsmooth, and the air volume entering the engine will be insufficient. Insufficient intake air will cause various problems, such as incomplete combustion, increased carbon deposition, increased fuel consumption, decreased power, and so on. If it is particularly dirty, some impurities, dust, sand, etc. will pass through the filter element and enter the cylinder, which will increase the wear of the cylinder. If it is a turbocharged car, it will also increase the wear of the supercharger. Therefore, turbocharged cars must pay attention to changing the air filter frequently. The air filter of many supercharged cars is different from that of self-priming cars. They are larger in size, have better filtering effect and are more expensive, so don’t replace them by mistake;
2. If it is not time for replacement, you can take it out and blow it in the middle. For example, if you replace it every 10,000 kilometers, you can blow it at 5,000 kilometers, which can make it dirty more slowly, and at the end of its life, it can still have a better filtering effect. After the replacement cycle, replace it immediately. Replacing the filter element and changing the oil is the most basic maintenance. Don’t save money on the most basic maintenance;
3. The filter protection device of the air filter element in front of the engine can also judge the engine problem from the above symptoms. For example, after the car is wading through water, it is found that the air filter has entered the water, which means that the engine may also enter the water. When this happens, you should first pull the car to the side and turn off the flame, clean the water in the filter element, and then check whether there is water in the lower tank. If you can't tell whether the engine is affected, find a repair shop to check it;
4. If the air filter element is full of dirt, it will hinder the air circulation, reduce the intake air volume of the engine, cause the engine power to drop, and drive it like "asthma", and the fuel consumption will be greatly increased. In addition, too much dirt will reduce the filtering effect, and the air entering the engine may carry fine sand and impurities, which will cause wear and damage to the cylinder walls, pistons, piston rings, and valves.

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