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Happy Dragon Boat Festival

2021-06-13 View:

The scent of zong leaves wraps around the tongue, the freshness of wormwood dyes the breath, the paper kite is swaying in the sky, the drums of the dragon boat are stirring, and the beauty of the Dragon Boat Festival is here as scheduled.

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. In order to better reflect the company's humanistic care and implement employee welfare work, Mrefilter will thank all employees for their tireless work for the company's development and distribute Dragon Boat Festival benefits to all employees.

During the event, all employees actively participated, and the atmosphere on the site continued to be hot, the response was enthusiastic, and there were joyful smiles everywhere, with continuous applause and laughter.

A simple gift carries Mrefilter's most sincere care and blessings to all employees. On the occasion of this beautiful festive season, Mrefilter would extend holiday greetings to all employees and families who have contributed to the development of the company. I wish you all a good Dragon Boat Festival and a happy family! Join hands in the future to create a better future!

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