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Mrefilter sales bucked the trend and hit a new high

2021-06-20 View:

In the post-epidemic era, with the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous advancement of supply-side reforms, the filter market has been greatly affected, sales of many companies have been blocked, and market orders have dropped sharply. However, in this sluggish market, Mrefilter's domestic and overseas sales have blossomed, and sales have bucked the trend and hit new highs.

Domestic sales: refined management

★ Lock the client's principal

Mrefilter focuses on the field of global commercial vehicle filtration systems, and is committed to the development of filtration systems for various vehicle series. The products are suitable for trucks and commercial vehicles, construction machinery, ships, agriculture and other fields. Starting from the commercial vehicle segment, we will do the main engine first, and then do the after-sales service, so that we can first verify the quality of our products and understand the industry standards of domestic filter products.

★ Determine product grade

Mrefilter is not only set as a mid-to-high-end filter brand, but also to be the most cost-effective filter brand in China. In terms of quality, it has reached the supporting quality of international first-line brand hosts and surpassed the quality of international first-line brand OEM; in terms of price, the product is only equivalent to the price of domestic second-line products. According to the needs of different customers, Meiruier develops long-life filter series ranging from 30,000, 60,000 and 100,000 kilometers in terms of service life.

★ Expand sales channels

In recent years, in its channel layout strategy, Mrefilter has built a network service platform and opened WeChat official account mall and Taobao to provide convenience for small-volume and retail customers. Mrefilter also spent a lot of time and energy to reform the official website to provide customers with a powerful filter universal model retrieval system. Let more customers experience that Mrefilter’s professional services are nearby, thus shaping Mrefilter’s strong brand.

Foreign trade: seize opportunities in growth

★ Customer maintenance follow-up

Actively maintain and follow up old customers, and develop new users through various platforms. The situation of each follow-up of the customer is managed and recorded on the user management platform to facilitate effective management of the customer. Classify customers, and maintain different levels of customers. Taking into account the time difference between the working hours of foreign buyers and domestic working hours, adjust the company's foreign trade department's work and rest time to better communicate with customers.

★ Online Canton Fair

Affected by the epidemic, well-known domestic and foreign exhibitions have been postponed or cancelled. The Canton Fair, the most famous and internationally influential fair, is held online. Mrefilter actively responded and opened the online Canton Fair debut, making full use of digital technology to show the latest research and development filter products to Chinese and foreign companies in the cloud, creating new business opportunities for win-win cooperation. Not only allows the Mrefilter team to communicate better with more merchants, but also promotes and promotes to global merchants through webcast.

★ Cross-border e-commerce marketing

In the current environment of rapid development of e-commerce, Mrefilter has strengthened its investment in and attention to cross-border e-commerce. Turning the line of sight from offline to online has brought about a change in the mode of international trade, enabling consumers to have more consumer choices, and at the same time meeting the needs of Mrefilter's product promotion and brand display. Mrefilter gradually realizes the seamless integration of offline and online marketing through digitalization and information technology, showing stronger competitiveness, and gradually becoming an internationally competitive filter manufacturer.

Up to now, Mrefilter's domestic and foreign sales business has blossomed, the domestic sales management has been refined, the development has been accelerated, the overseas market has been expanding, the opportunities have been seized, the challenges have been met, and the sales volume has continued to rise. With the globalization of auto parts procurement and international automobile manufacturers adopting the strategy of global processing and procurement of parts and components, the market prospects of filter manufacturers can be expected. Mrefilter seeks development through innovation and climbs to the peak of development.

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