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Well-planned, sunny procurement

2021-06-12 View:

Timely and effective material procurement is the key to maintaining the normal operation and production of the enterprise, and it is also an important aspect of the cost of the enterprise. With the increasingly fierce competition in the filter market and the continuous advancement of supply-side reforms, Mrefilter's cost awareness continues to increase, and the concept of planned procurement continues to change. Mrefilter's planned procurement department, through effective planning, organization and control, etc. procurement management, reasonably selects the procurement method, variety, batch size, frequency and location, and guarantees the effective operation of the factory with limited funds.

Improve the management system to ensure the implementation of the plan

Mrefilter has strengthened its emphasis on procurement plan management, improved organizational structure, and formulated a complete plan management system to ensure the orderly implementation of the procurement management plan. In the original procurement department, a planning management department is specially set up to be responsible for the preparation of the procurement plan and the supervision of the implementation of the plan, forming a complete organizational system covering design, management, and logistics services. Provide organization and system guarantee for procurement plan management.

Optimize resource allocation and reduce resource waste

Corporate procurement often requires a large amount of working capital, which involves the effective use of funds. Some companies do not have a scientific procurement plan management, leading to blind procurement and low capital utilization efficiency. Reasonable procurement plan management can help improve the purpose, pertinence and foresight of corporate procurement, prevent blind procurement and over-standard procurement, and avoid waste. So that the company's purchase funds can be used on the blade and spent on the flower, so as to promote the saving of enterprise funds and the optimal allocation of production resources, and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.

Strengthen the supervision of material procurement

Procurement supervision is the key to standardizing procurement business activities, implementing procurement content, and preventing procurement violations. In addition to the necessary institutional measures, procurement plan management also plays an important role in procurement supervision. Through the procurement plan and financial management software, the informatization of the procurement plan management is promoted, and the procurement efficiency is improved while improving the transparency of procurement information. The procurement plan is used to guide the execution of procurement activities, contract signing and material storage, etc., and play its role in regulating and supervising procurement behavior. Through the sharing of procurement plan information and the priority authorization system, the supervisory role of all parties will be fully brought into play and the supervision effect will be strengthened.

E-procurement, unified information support system

The information age has come, and only by advancing with the times can we quickly adapt to internal and external changes. The introduction of Mrefilter's ERP management system has opened up all departments of the company, truly integrated management, and especially has strong support for the standardization of procurement management. The popularization of electronic procurement has positive significance for companies to find and select suppliers; to determine supply conditions through negotiations and discussions; to clarify the responsibilities and rights of both parties. Electronic procurement ensures the quality and stability of material procurement, strengthens the cost advantage of material procurement, and improves corporate operational efficiency.

Material planning should consider factors such as inventory, in-transit, delivery cycle and other factors to be scientific, accurate, and timely. In a fiercely competitive environment, Mrefilter's benign procurement management system and enterprise supply chain management not only play an active role in product quality, lead time, product prices, new product research and development, etc., but also a strong support to effectively enhance the competitiveness of the company!

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