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Obviously see "core", Buy the filter with peace of mind

2021-06-05 View:

At present, domestic trucks need to be maintained once they have traveled 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers. Although some domestic manufacturers have introduced vehicles with long oil change technology, the engine can be maintained for 60,000 or even 100,000 kilometers, but many people are constrained by traditional concepts and dare not change the oil after using it for 60,000 or 100,000 kilometers.

So, whether the ultra-long mileage filter is reliable or not, I believe many people will have such doubts. According to different customer needs, Mrefilter has divided the service life and has developed a series of long-life oil filters ranging from 30,000, 60,000, and 100,000 kilometers. Next, Mrefilter uses 60,000 kilometers as an example to introduce Mrefilter's 60,000 kilometers oil filter, and give you an answer, so that everyone can clearly see the "core" is dirty, and buy the filter with peace of mind.

Mrefilter's 60,000 km long mileage oil filter adopts multi-layer composite gradient filter material, optimized structure design, and has the following significant advantages

The overall structure is optimized, and the reliability is greatly improved (for example, the pulse resistance performance can reach more than 1 million times)
Large dust capacity, long service life
High filtration efficiency
The filter material is embedded with a variety of synthetic fibers, even full synthetic fibers, with higher strength and better resistance to high oil temperature aging

★Body or housing: high quality galvanized steel, high quality, long service life.
★Filter paper: high performance filter paper from international top suppliers, with good filtration performance, high oil temperature resistance and strong pollution capacity.
★Screw cover plate: it has enough strength, screw thread extrusion process, accurate size, beautiful and durable.
★Sealing ring: HNBR material, oil resistance, temperature resistance up to - 40 ℃ ~ 140 ℃, stable performance, strong aging resistance.

Mrefilter's long-life oil filter is specially designed for commercial vehicles, which fully meets the needs of extended maintenance intervals for passenger and freight vehicles. It adopts multi-layer composite filter element inside, and the filtration efficiency of 20 micron particles reaches more than 90%. The sealing ring maintains long-term elasticity to prevent oil leakage. At the same time, the shell adopts a unique design that is resistant to pressure and corrosion. Mrefilter's long-life oil filter has a long service life. Under normal oil conditions and normal road conditions, it can achieve a maintenance cycle of 60,000 kilometers, which makes you more worry-free, labor-saving and money-saving.

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