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【Meiruier Filter】Is it necessary to change the built-in fuel filter?

2021-09-10 View:

The built-in fuel filter needs to be replaced. The built-in gasoline filter element needs to be replaced regularly as the air-conditioning filter element. The fuel filter must be replaced every 30,000 kilometers in normal use.

The following is the relevant information about the fuel filter:
1. The gasoline filter is divided into two types: external and built-in. Most cars are external. The outer filter shell is made of iron and the inside is made of filter paper, which is very similar to the inside of the oil filter. The function of the filter paper is to filter impurities, and the replacement of the filter element is very simple, so it is not difficult to replace the filter element regularly;
2. The connection between the filter element and the tubing is a clip, pinch it out and then plug in the new one. The replacement cycle of the gasoline filter element varies according to the distance of the car. The specific maintenance cycle is written in the car maintenance manual. Generally, the oil in the filter element is black, which means that the filtering effect of the filter paper has deteriorated and the oil filter element needs to be replaced;
3. From the removal of the old gasoline filter element to the replacement of the new gasoline filter element, the steps are very simple. The owner can replace it by himself. However, it is necessary to go to the auto repair shop to replace it for insurance.
4. Understand the role of gasoline filters. The main function of the gasoline filter is to filter the impurities in the gasoline, so that the gasoline that enters the combustion engine is clean, burns more fully, reduces the formation of carbon deposits in the cylinder, and provides better power input;
5. Long-term failure to replace the gasoline filter will cause the filter element inside the steam filter to be too dirty and fail to filter. Severely, it will cause the gasoline to be blocked, the vehicle cannot be started or it is stalled during driving, so the gasoline filter needs to be replaced regularly;
6. Gasoline filter is abbreviated as steam filter. Gasoline filters are divided into carburetor type and electronic injection type. For gasoline engines using carburetor, the gasoline filter is located on the inlet side of the fuel transfer pump, and the working pressure is relatively small. Generally, a nylon shell is used. The gasoline filter of an EFI engine is located on the outlet side of the fuel transfer pump, and the working pressure is relatively high. A metal shell is usually used.

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