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【Meiruier Filter】How many kilometers to replace the oil filter

2021-09-11 View:

The oil filter is one of the common maintenance parts for trucks and needs to be replaced regularly. If you can solve it by yourself at this time, it will save time, effort and money! Generally, the replacement cycle is stated in the manual of the oil filter. Some use time as the node to replace, and some use the mileage as the replacement cycle. Generally, the oil filter should be replaced if the diesel engine is used for more than half a year or the mileage exceeds 5000 kilometers.

How to replace the oil filter:
1. Use the car lift frame to hold the car's site and raise the car to a place where it can be operated. Be sure to pay attention to safety to avoid the sudden drop of the car and release the oil;
2. There is an oil drain port under the vehicle. As long as the oil port is opened, the oil can flow out. You can observe the color of the oil. Normal oil can transmit light. If it becomes dark, replace it in time;
3. Unscrew the oil filter element, and the flow rate of the oil port will slow down. At this time, you can unscrew the oil filter element for a second release. The oil filter element is relatively troublesome to disassemble, and you need to use a special filter element wrench, and then let the oil in the cabin drain clean;
4. After all the oil is drained, you can replace the oil filter element. Use the filter element wrench to install the new filter element, tighten it, and then tighten the knob of the oil drain button to put the car down;
5. Pour the oil into the oil injection port, choose the oil suitable for your vehicle, select the capacity according to the displacement, pour the oil, and then pull out the oil dipstick to check whether the oil is sufficient, the oil should not be too much, the appropriate amount is best;
6. Start the engine and listen for noise in the vehicle, then pull out the oil dipstick to check whether the oil is overflowing or reaching the lower limit. If it is normal, then this minor maintenance is done.

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