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【Meiruier Filter】What is the air filter replacement cycle

2021-06-29 View:

Generally speaking, the air filter element does not have a clear replacement cycle. It can be adjusted flexibly according to your own car environment. If the environment is good for 20,000 kilometers, it will be no problem to replace it. Normally, it is enough to clean it:

1. The air filter is what we often call "air filter". The air filter is a very basic item in maintenance;
2. The replacement cycle of different cars is naturally different, so there is no absolute standard, because it depends on the amount of dust and impurities absorbed by the air filter;
3. It is also an air filter. It can be used for 30,000 kilometers or even longer on a vehicle that has been driving on the highway for a long time before being replaced once. For an off-road vehicle that always shuttles between the country and the country, it may be replaced within two months;
4. Of course, these two situations are more extreme. For ordinary urban vehicles, it is more appropriate to replace the air filter every year or every 20,000 kilometers.
5. The engine needs to suck in a lot of air during the working process. If the air is not filtered, the dust suspended in the air is sucked into the cylinder, which will accelerate the wear of the piston group and the cylinder;
6. Larger particles entering between the piston and the cylinder will cause serious "cylinder pull" phenomenon, which is especially serious in a dry and sandy working environment;
7. The air filter is installed in front of the carburetor or the air intake pipe to filter out dust and sand particles in the air, ensuring that sufficient and clean air enters the cylinder.

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