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【Meiruier Filter】How much is a diesel filter

2021-06-30 View:

The market price of diesel fine filter ranges from several hundred to dozens:
1. Models that use high-pressure common rail engines under the National Three Standards also have higher requirements for diesel quality. Because high-pressure fuel injectors need to accurately control fuel injection pressure, fuel injection time and fuel injection volume, they require more refined workmanship. If there is water or impurities in the diesel fuel that are not filtered clean, it will cause wear and tear on the plunger and even parts of the fuel injector, until the fuel injector is stuck. Damage to the fuel injector will cause unstable or weak acceleration of the engine, or malfunctions such as black smoke emission, which will affect the normal operation of the vehicle;
2. As the main filter in the two-stage filter, the diesel fine filter is also the last line of defense against impurities. It has high requirements for filtration efficiency and service life. At present, for diesel heavy trucks of the National Three Standards, the filtration efficiency of 35 micron particles is required to be as high as 98.6%, the filtration efficiency of particles above 510 microns is 99.8%, and the filtration efficiency of particles above 10 microns is required to be 99.9%. While ensuring high filtration efficiency, it must also meet the small flow resistance to ensure the reliable operation of the engine and sufficient power;
3. In order to allow the engine to drink clean and good diesel and avoid the abnormal wear of common rail components used in the engine, only fine filtering of the diesel can effectively protect the high-pressure pump, electronically controlled injectors and common rail nozzles be effectively protected, and unnecessary high maintenance costs can be reduced.

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