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【Meiruier Filter】How to remove the oil filter element without tools

2021-06-24 View:

How to remove the oil filter element without tools:
1. Drain the waste oil to ensure that the waste oil is discharged cleanly;
2. Remove the old oil filter element, move the old oil container under the machine filter, remove the old filter element, and be careful not to let the waste oil contaminate the inside of the machine;
3. Preparation work before installation of oil filter element;
4. Install a new oil filter element. Before installation, put the sealing ring on the oil outlet, and then slowly screw on the new filter. Do not tighten the filter too tightly. Generally, after tightening by hand, use a wrench to tighten 34 turns. It's okay
5. Fill the oil tank with new oil;
6. Pour new engine oil into the engine oil tank. After filling, check again for leaks in the lower part of the engine.

The replacement cycle of the automobile oil grid is usually about 10,000 kilometers:
1. The oil grid is the abbreviation of oil filter, which is one of the three filters;
2. Filter most of the impurities in the oil; keep the standby oil clean;
3. Extend its normal service life.

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