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【Meiruier Filter】How much does it cost to replace the fuel filter

2021-06-23 View:

If you go to a 4s shop to replace it, you will need to replace the car oil, engine filter, and air filter at the same time as the replacement of the steam filter is about 500-1000 yuan, if the labor costs are calculated. Ordinary auto repair shops are cheaper. After all, the labor cost is definitely not as expensive as the 4s shop. The cost of man-hours is higher than the price of materials. A set may cost about 300-500 yuan.

Precautions for replacing the fuel filter:
1. Before removing the gasoline filter, be sure to follow the steps specified by the manufacturer to release the residual pressure in the fuel system. Otherwise, it is easy to cause gasoline overflow, and in serious cases, personal safety will be endangered;
2. In the process of replacing the steam filter, do not smoke or use an open flame nearby, otherwise there will be certain safety hazards;
3. Secondly, when replacing the steam filter, the car oil, engine filter, and air filter must also be replaced;
4. The filter has arrow marks on the inlet and outlet ports, please do not install it backwards when replacing it;
5. After installation, be sure to develop the habit of checking the sealing of the interface to avoid oil leakage.

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