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【Meiruier Filter】The air filter hasn't been replaced for two years

2021-06-21 View:

If the air filter element has not been replaced for two years, it is likely that it has been clogged. It is recommended to replace it in time. Regarding the replacement time of the air filter, there is no accurate, consistent, and standard answer. Some people say that it is replaced every 10,000 kilometers, and some people say that it is replaced every 20,000 kilometers. In reality, it is necessary to analyze differently according to the actual situation. Under normal conditions, it can be replaced every 20,000 kilometers when driving in a city. If the road conditions are bad, dusty, and the air quality is poor, the replacement time should be shortened, and it is best to replace it every 10,000 kilometers. Correspondingly, if the air quality in the area is good and there is no pollution, the replacement time can be postponed accordingly. The specific replacement time will vary depending on the brand and model. It is recommended to check the maintenance manual (vehicle instruction manual), there will be a detailed introduction on it, and replace it according to the requirements specified in the maintenance manual. You can also check the air filter every time you maintain it. If the air filter element is not particularly dirty, but there is slight sand, dust, etc., you can simply clean it up without replacing it. When cleaning, do not wash with water and blow with an air gun. Be sure to blow gently, usually from the direction the air enters.

Air filter replacement steps:
1. Open the hood and find the air filter box. If it is fixed with screws, you need to open it with a screwdriver;
2. Just open the clip directly and take out the old filter element from the box. In order to prevent dust and other debris from falling in, block the air intake duct with a clean towel;
3. The air filter is divided into a filter element and a casing, and the filter element is responsible for gas filtering. Play the role of filtering dust and sand particles, and ensure that sufficient and clean air enters the cylinder;
4. The air contains a lot of dust and sand, which will easily cause the air filter to be blocked, which will cause the engine to appear difficult to start, unstable idling, and increase fuel consumption;
5. Replace with a new air filter element, fasten the clip, or use a screwdriver to screw on the air filter element box cover.

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