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【Meiruier Filter】Symptoms of a broken fuel pump

2021-06-11 View:

If the gasoline pump is broken, it will cause acceleration weakness, acceleration frustration, failure to start, and engine failure lights will turn on. The gasoline pump is a relatively important part of the fuel supply system. In-cylinder direct injection engines also have a high-pressure fuel pump in the engine compartment. In-cylinder direct injection engines have higher injection pressures, so additional high-pressure oil pumps are required. If there is a problem with the fuel supply system, it will cause the engine to accelerate weakly and not start well. The petrol pump needs to be replaced after it is broken. When using the car in ordinary times, the gasoline filter element must be replaced regularly, otherwise the gasoline pump may be damaged. When refueling, don’t go to some gas stations with bad oil products for cheap, but go to gas stations with better oil products to refuel. When using the car in normal times, the car must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations. Gasoline filter is a component that many car enthusiasts easily overlook. The gasoline filter element can filter the moisture and impurities in the gasoline, which can extend the life of the high-pressure oil pump. If the gasoline contains too much moisture or impurities, this will reduce the life of the high-pressure fuel pump and fuel injector. Most cars use direct injection engines, and direct injection engines have relatively high gasoline quality requirements.

The fuel pump failure has the following manifestations:
1. Severe wear: the oil supply pressure is reduced, and the acceleration is weak;
2. Mechanical failure such as rotor jamming: the working current of the oil pump increases, causing damage to the relay or insurance;
3. Damage to the one-way valve of the gasoline pump: no residual pressure, causing difficulty in starting;
4. The gasoline pump stops and cannot be started. In this case, you can hit the bottom of the fuel tank, and the fuel pump can barely run for a while.

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