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【Meiruier Filter】How tight is the oil filter?

2021-06-12 View:

If the oil filter element is below the torque value standard, as long as you tighten it yourself, use a wrench to continue tightening three-quarters of a turn. Then check whether there is oil leakage. Tightening it too tight will also cause damage to the oil filter element.

Introduction of oil filter element:
1. The oil filter element is the oil filter of the car, which removes the sundries, moisture and colloids in the oil, and completes the cleaning of various parts of the engine;
2. In order to reduce the mutual friction of the metal parts in the engine, the oil is continuously transported to the friction surfaces of these parts to form a lubricating oil film for lubrication;
3. In the working state of the engine, impurities in the air will enter the engine, causing more and more sundries in the oil. If the oil enters the lubricating oil circuit directly without being filtered by the oil filter element, these impurities will be brought into the lubricating oil circuit, accelerating the wear of parts and reducing the service life of the engine. Reasonable use of the oil filter element can improve the purity of the oil.

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