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【Meiruier Filter】How long does the primary diesel filter take?

2021-06-10 View:

The primary diesel filter is recommended to be replaced once every 20,000 kilometers:
1. The main function of the diesel filter is to filter impurities in the gasoline, so that the fuel that enters the combustion engine is clean, burns more fully, reduces the formation of carbon deposits in the cylinder, and provides better power input;
2. Long-term failure to replace the diesel filter will cause the filter element inside the fuel filter to be too dirty and fail to filter. In severe cases, it will cause the gasoline to be blocked, the vehicle cannot be started or it is stalled during driving, so the gasoline filter needs to be replaced regularly;
3. There are two types of fuel filters for vehicles, one is a built-in fuel filter and the other is an external fuel filter.

Steps to replace the diesel filter:
1. First, loosen the clamping device at the junction of the oil circuit and the fuel filter, then remove the fuel filter from the oil circuit, and then plug the oil circuit with a plug to prevent fuel overflow;
2. Most fuel filters installed in the oil circuit are marked with two arrows, one is the fuel inflow arrow, and the other is the fuel outflow arrow. The arrows are used to indicate the flow direction of the fuel when it passes through the fuel filter. So when we install the fuel filter, we must make the direction of the arrow point to the engine, that is, the oil flows to the engine;
3. In addition, it should also be noted that the clamping device used in the oil circuit is specially designed, and the two parts are clamped tightly at the junction of the rubber hose and the fuel filter to achieve a sealing effect. Compared with the ordinary clamping device, this clamping device will not cut into the rubber hose, so it will not cause damage to the rubber hose. At the same time, the clamping device can withstand high oil pressure. Finally, we should also ensure that the rubber hose clamping device is installed in the correct position and clamps the joint according to the specified specifications.

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