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【Meiruier Filter】What is the principle of gasoline filter

2021-02-28 View:

Introduction to the working principle of gasoline filter: gasoline filter

1. Filter refers to an accessory that filters impurities or gases through filter paper. Generally refers to the car filter, which is an engine accessory;
2. According to different filtering functions, it is divided into: oil filter, fuel filter, gasoline filter, diesel filter, fuel-water separator, hydraulic filter, air filter, air-conditioning filter, etc. The engine has three kinds of filters: air, oil, and fuel, which are generally called "three filters", plus an air conditioner filter, commonly known as four filters. Responsible for the filtration of the lubrication system, the medium in the combustion system, the engine air intake system, and the cabin air circulation system;
3. The oil filter is located in the engine lubrication system. Its upstream is the oil pump, and its downstream is the parts that need to be lubricated in the engine. Its function is to filter out harmful impurities in the oil from the oil pan, and supply the crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, supercharger, piston ring and other motion pairs to play the role of lubrication, cooling, and cleaning, thereby extending the life of these parts;
4. The fuel filter is connected in series on the pipeline between the fuel pump and the fuel inlet of the throttle body. The function of the fuel filter is to remove solid impurities such as iron oxide and dust contained in the fuel to prevent the fuel system from clogging, especially the fuel injector. Reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable engine operation, and improve reliability. The structure of the fuel oil device is composed of an aluminum shell and a stainless steel bracket. A high-efficiency filter paper is installed on the bracket. The filter paper is shaped like a chrysanthemum to increase the circulation area. The EFI filter cannot be used in common with the carburetor filter. Because the EFI filter often bears the fuel pressure of 200-300KPA, the pressure strength of the filter is generally required to reach 500KPA or more, and the carburetor filter does not need to reach such a high pressure.

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