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【Meiruier Filter】How to maintain the air filter

2021-02-27 View:

air filterThe air filter should be maintained in accordance with the vehicle's maintenance cycle. The air filter should be cleaned and maintained every 5,000 kilometers. In areas with large dust and low ambient air quality, it is recommended to clean up every 3,000 kilometers in advance. Generally, the air filter of a car needs to be changed once when the car is traveling 20,000 kilometers.

The maintenance method of the air filter is as follows:

1. The air filter element can be divided into two types: oil type and dry type. The oil type is relatively backward, but the filtering effect is very good, and as long as it is cleaned on time, it can be used repeatedly. It is generally applied to tractors or engineering vehicles;
2. Dry-type air filter elements have the advantages of high filtration efficiency, light weight, low cost, convenient maintenance, etc., and are widely used by family car manufacturers;
3. Under normal circumstances, we recommend cleaning the air filter element every 5000 kilometers. If the car driving environment is dusty, it is recommended to clean it once every 3000 kilometers;
4. Since the main material of the dry air filter element is paper or non-woven fabric, it cannot be cleaned with water. A better cleaning method is to use a high-pressure air gun to blow it clean, and then blow off the dust in the air filter compartment.

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