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【Meiruier Filter】The location of the air filter

2021-02-23 View:

The air filter is in the air cleaner on the engine's intake pipe. 
air filter
There are two types of air filter elements on the car, one is dry type and the other is wet type. The dry air filter element is made of paper or organic materials, and the wet air filter element is made of mesh metal wire. The air filter element is a consumable in the car. The role of the air filter element is to bring a better environment to the car. The air filter element needs to be replaced after a period of use, but there is no specific replacement time. It depends on the mileage of the car and the environment in which the car is located. When the engine is working, a large amount of air will be sucked in. If the air does not pass through the filter, the dust suspended in the air will be sucked into the cylinder, which will accelerate the wear of the piston group and the cylinder. In severe cases, it will cause the engine to pull the cylinder. According to the principle of filtration, air filters can be divided into filter type, centrifugal type, oil bath type and composite type. Paper dry filter elements are widely used in car engines, but air filter elements with this structure are not reliable in working under harsh environmental conditions. The use time is relatively short and needs to be replaced regularly. The use of paper-core air filters in modern car engines is becoming more and more common. This is because paper-based filters have better filtering effects on urban roads.

How to replace the air filter:
1. Open the hood, the air filter is arranged on the left side of the engine and is a rectangular black plastic box;
2. The upper cover of the air filter box is fixed by four bolts. Use a screwdriver to unscrew it. It is best to use a diagonal way when unscrewing;
3. After removing the bolts, the upper cover of the air filter box can be opened. After opening, the air filter element is placed inside, and there are no other parts to fix it. Just take it out directly.

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