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"Stay in Wanzhi for New Year" has many benefits

2021-02-10 View:

When I was young, Chinese New Year was a cup of sweet spring wine that was soaked in my happiness and shyness. When I grew up, my memories were a glass of bitter spring wine that carried me full of love and sorrow.

The Spring Festival is approaching
A hope of going home is coming to my heart
Employees from other provinces go home for the New Year
Gradually put on the agenda
But from the current situation of epidemic prevention and control
There are great hidden dangers in returning home for the New Year
During the Spring Festival
Population movements and gatherings increased rapidly
Will inevitably increase the risk of epidemic spread

For this reason
Meiruier Filter actively responds to the national call,
Advocate for employees
If you don’t have to leave Wuwu, celebrate the New Year in "Wanzhi"!
Friends who celebrate the new year on the spot
Take this "Stay in Wanzhi for the New Year" guide~


1. On the eve of the holiday, give out Spring Festival gifts: rice and oil
2. On the day of work, a red envelope of 100 yuan/person will be issued for returning to work during the holiday
3. In February, salary increase for non-local employees "encouragement award" to encourage non-local employees to "stay in the factory" for the New Year, giving 500 yuan per person
4. Incentive policy of Wanzhi District Management Committee, 300 yuan per person for non-local personnel "stay in factory"


The caring volunteer service team condolences to non-local employees during the Chinese New Year

Not necessary, don't to leave the Wanzhi,
Advocate the mobilization of enterprises
Encourage employees to stay in Wanzhi for the New Year
Long-distance New Year greetings, reducing unnecessary travel
When the spring flowers bloom
It was a good time

Chinese New Year "Fu" Activity

How can the New Year’s activities be missing when the New Year is approaching!
Meiruier Filter held a New Year "Fu" event!
Everyone has their own expectations for the new year
Summary of the past year
Are all condensed in the blessing written by myself
Forget trouble in the Year of the Ox, let's play together~

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