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Meiruier Filter 2020 corporate video released shockingly

2020-09-10 View:

For detailed video, please go to About Us- Company introduction to watch

Brand · Responsibility

Year 2009
Anhui Meiruier Filter Co., Ltd. was established
More than ten years
Meiruier focuses on the field of global commercial vehicle filtration systems
Committed to the development of filtration systems for various car series
Products suitable for
Trucks, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, ships, agriculture and other fields

The company continues to promote the industrialization and information construction of the enterprise
Import ERP, OA, PLM, CRM management systems
Realize unified management of enterprise business process
Improve business collaboration ability management
Realize the electronic flow of business in various departments of the enterprise
Quickly realize efficient enterprise management

Meiruier strives hard
Hardworking spirit
Be bigger and stronger step by step in the tide of market economy
Won many honors with sweat and wisdom
Passed many international and domestic certifications
Awards honor
Too many to list

R&D · Innovation

Talent is the cornerstone of an enterprise
Technology is the core of the enterprise
The company adheres to the development strategy of talents and science and technology
Cooperate with many national authoritative laboratories
Build a research and development platform and cultivate technical talents

The company has the world's leading research and development equipment
Computer-aided design
Efficiently meet customer product design and development needs
Construct an innovative R&D system of industry-university-research alliance
Form a model of mutual promotion and common development of professions and industries

Advanced testing equipment
Strict monitoring and testing of product quality
Ensure to provide high-quality and satisfactory products
Innovation through R&D
Leading the industry, leading the future

Manufacture · Quality

The company introduced fully automatic production technology and equipment
Automatic stamping equipment
Automatic stretching line
Automatic spraying equipment
Automatic assembly line
Create a dust-free workshop for lean production
Better control of product quality
Ensure stable delivery
Better quality at the same price

The company adopts a scientific process
Standard production
Strict quality control
From material selection, manufacturing to finished product
Every link
Every process
Every detail
Everywhere reflects the ingenuity and attitude of Merrill's excellence
Do not let a defective product flow to the market
Escorting product quality

Marketing · Service

Service, not affiliated with product
But an important part of the product experience
From project establishment to design, from experiment to production
Technical staff provide full service support
Let customers in pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales
Enjoy high-quality, all-round service experience

Long-term commitment to marketing network construction
Company marketing all over the country
And actively participate in international competition
  Bring high-quality filtration products to customers around the world
Win the reliance and care of domestic and foreign customers

The company builds a network service platform
Let more customers experience the professional services of Merrill.
Thus shaping the strong brand of Merrill
Drive the company's rapid development
Products are sold all over the world

Future · Create

The company builds a network service platform
Let more customers experience the professional services of Meiruier
Thus shaping the strong brand of Meiruier
Drive the company's rapid development
Products are sold all over the world

The future has come
Share our story with you
Our future is forged with you
We are Anhui Meiruier Filter Co., Ltd.
Professional commercial vehicle filter manufacturer
Focus on commercial vehicle power cleaning business

Meiruier, focus on power clean
Create a grand vision with you

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