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2021 Come on! Wish you a year of wealth and prosperity!

2021-02-23 View:

On February 17, the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, everyone officially ended the Spring Festival holiday. With anticipation for the new year and hard work, we will welcome a new day with a new look!
On the first day of construction, General Manager Chen Xiaoqian greeted every employee who went to work after the holiday "Happy New Year"! Expressed the most sincere New Year wishes, and the faces of the employees were filled with happy smiles.

Subsequently, Mr. Chen Xiaoqian, the general manager of Anhui Meiruier Filter Co., Ltd., together with the ministers of various departments, sent a red envelope for the start of the New Year to every employee. The red envelope conveyed Mr. Chen’s expectations for every employee in the new year~

After General Manager Chen Xiaoqian sent the red envelopes to the employees of the company, take a picture together!

General Manager Chen also brought red envelopes and blessings to everyone to every workshop on the front line! During the break of the workshop staff, when they received the red envelope, there was an unconcealable smile on their faces~
The start-of-work red envelopes were delivered to every employee, so that front-line employees also felt a strong New Year blessing!

New Year
New goals, new journeys
We move forward with every employee
Grow together with Meiruier
Pioneering and innovative, hard work

Struggle to create a better future for Meiruier!

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