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【Meiruier Filter】Treatment of used oil filter

2021-02-07 View:

The used oil filter can be recycled. The oil filter element can be disassembled and then recycled and recast, so that the used oil filter element can be recycled more effectively.oil filter

Steps to get out the oil from the waste oil filter:
1、First use the oil filter disassembly machine to take out the filter paper from the waste oil filter and separate the paper core from the outer iron drum;
2、In the paper core shredder, the paper is separated from the iron in the paper core;
3、Finally, put the paper into a high-strength oil press to press out the oil in the paper.

The role of oil filter:
1、Oil filter, the function of the oil filter is to filter out debris, colloids and moisture in the oil, and to deliver clean oil to all lubricating parts.
2、Due to the high viscosity of the oil itself and the high content of impurities in the oil, in order to improve the filtration efficiency, the oil filter generally has three levels, namely the oil collector, the coarse oil filter and the fine oil filter. The filter collector is installed in the front oil sump of the oil pump, generally using a metal filter screen.
3、The coarse oil filter is installed behind the oil pump and connected in series with the main oil passage. There are mainly metal scraper type, sawdust filter element type, and microporous filter paper type. Now the microporous filter paper type is mainly used.
4、The fine oil filter is installed behind the oil pump and connected in parallel with the main oil passage. There are mainly two types: microporous filter paper type and rotor type. The rotor-type oil fine filter adopts centrifugal filtration and has no filter element, which effectively solves the contradiction between oil passability and filtration efficiency.

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