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【Meiruier Filter】What is the function of the fuel water separator

2021-02-06 View:

The function of the automobile fuel water separator is mainly to separate the water in the fuel, so that the fuel can be burned more fully in the engine cylinder, and the engine can work better. Automobile fuel water separator is a kind of fuel filter, divided into membrane filter fuel water separator, lipophilic material fuel water separator, non-powered oil-water separator, demulsification fuel water separator, etc. Fuel water separators are used in the automotive industry, catering industry, sewage treatment industry and petrochemical industry. fuel water separator

The working steps of the fuel water separator in the car:
1、After the fuel enters the filter separator, the solid impurities are first filtered out by the filter layer.
2、In the demulsification layer, the emulsified oil and water are separated.
3、In the oil-water separator, small water droplets condense into large water droplets and are stored in the sump.
4、By separating the water repellency of the filter element, the small water droplets that have not had time to condense are collected into the sedimentation tank, and then discharged from the drain valve.
5、Finally, the fuel whose moisture has been separated is discharged from the filter separator.

Matters needing attention on automobile fuel:
1、Try to increase the marked fuel as much as possible to extend the service life of the engine to a certain extent.
2、Different types of fuel cannot be mixed.

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