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【Meiruier Filter】Consequences of diesel filter plugging

2021-02-08 View:

The diesel filter mainly filters out the solid impurities contained in the fuel, thereby protecting the oil pump nozzle, cylinder liner and piston ring. The symptom of a blocked diesel filter element is that the fuel supply is insufficient when the fuel valve is refueled, causing the oil pressure to be too low, and the diesel engine may suffer from insufficient power, driving weakness, and exhaust smoke. diesel filter

Consequences of blocked diesel filter:
1、When fueling the door, due to insufficient fuel supply, the fuel supply pressure is insufficient, and the fuel pressure is too low due to the blockage of the diesel filter element. When the diesel filter is blocked when the engine is running, it may cause insufficient fuel supply;
2、Large and small oil droplets, large oil droplets are easily separated by the oil-gas separator, while small oil droplets suspended oil particles must be filtered through the micron glass fiber layer of the oil-gas separation filter element. When the diameter and thickness of the glass fiber are correctly selected, the filter material can intercept, diffuse and polymerize the oil mist in the gas, and the effect can be best. Small oil droplets quickly gather into large oil droplets, which are driven by pneumatic and gravity to pass through the filter layer, accumulate at the bottom of the filter element, and then return to the lubrication system through the oil return pipe inlet at the bottom of the filter element, so that the compressor discharges more pure, oil-free compressed air;
3、Spin-on oil filter is a new type of oil filter device widely used in the mechanical field today. It has the characteristics of easy installation, quick replacement, good sealing, high pressure resistance and high filtration accuracy. It is widely used in oil-lubricated screw compressors, piston compressors, generator sets, various domestic and imported heavy-duty vehicles, loaders and engineering machinery and equipment. The spin-on oil filter assembly is equipped with a high-strength aluminum alloy filter head, which is used as a filter device for the lubricating oil circulation system of the oil-lubricated screw compressor and the engineering hydraulic system. It is also equipped with a differential pressure indicator. When the filter needs to be replaced, the differential pressure indicator can send out an indication signal in time.

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