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【Meiruier Filter】What is the model of the oil filter

2021-02-03 View:

The model of the oil filter can be viewed on the filter housing, which basically has the manufacturer part number, or refer to the vehicle maintenance manual. 

How to identify the quality of automobile oil filter:

oil filter

1、Look at font definition

The surface of the high-quality oil filter is clear and neat, with exquisite workmanship and no bumps and burrs. Inferior ones have blurry fonts and rougher surfaces. The paint is not strong enough, and the paint will easily fall off when the nail is scraped;
2、Look at the packaging to verify the security code
The high-quality oil filter has a complete package, and the package is marked with the brand, anti-counterfeiting code and other logos. Verify the QR code on the package to verify whether it is genuine;
3、Look at filter paper
We all know that the function of the oil filter is to filter the impurities and dust in the oil, so the quality of the filter paper is directly related to the product performance. Generally, the gap between the holes of good filter paper is small, which can filter better, and the workmanship is relatively neat. It is made of professional filter paper. Inferior filter paper is generally rough, not professional filter paper. It is made of cheap cotton pulp paper and has poor filtering effect;
4、Look at the seal
A good sealing ring can guarantee 100% no oil leakage. It is made of special rubber and is protected by grease or petroleum jelly before leaving the factory. The sealing ring has good texture, no burrs and complete workmanship. Inferior ones look rough, have burrs, scratches, etc., and are prone to oil leakage during use;
5、Check if there is a bypass valve
When the oil filter is clogged, if there is no bypass valve, the oil cannot enter the engine and cannot provide lubrication, which will increase engine wear. High-quality oil filters generally have a bypass valve, and low-quality and cheap ones generally do not. Before buying, ask whether the merchant has a bypass valve.

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