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【Meiruier Filter】What is the role of hydraulic air filter

2021-02-02 View:

The hydraulic filter element is mainly to filter and clean the oil of the hydraulic system, and extend the service life of the equipment and oil. hydraulic filter

The role of hydraulic air filter:

1、The hydraulic air filter is composed of an air filter and a refueling filter. It not only prevents particulate pollutants from entering the system through the fuel tank breathing port, but also prevents particulate pollutants from being mixed during refueling. Using copper-based powder metallurgy sintered filter, compared with non-metallic filter materials, it has the characteristics of stable filtration accuracy, high strength, strong plasticity, convenient disassembly and washing, and can withstand thermal stress and impact and normal operation under high temperature. Widely used in hydraulic system tanks;
2、When the hydraulic system is working, the oil level in the oil tank rises or falls from time to time, discharges air from the inside to the outside when it rises, and sucks in air from the outside to the inside when it falls. In order to purify the oil in the fuel tank, an air filter is installed vertically on the fuel tank cover to filter the inhaled air;The same inlet air filter is also an oil filling port. The injected new working oil must be filtered and then enter the oil tank to filter out the dirt particles in the oil;
3、In the hydraulic system, purifying the working oil is a very important part. The air filter can keep the oil in the oil tank clean, prevent dirt particles from entering the oil tank from the outside, and prolong the working cycle and service life of the oil and components, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the hydraulic system. In addition, the air filter can maintain the balance between the pressure in the oil tank and the atmospheric pressure when the hydraulic system is working to avoid cavitation in the pump.

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