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【Meiruier Filter】What is the fuel filter replacement method

2021-02-04 View:

The fuel filter is a consumable material. During the use of the vehicle, it needs to be replaced and maintained regularly, otherwise it will not be able to provide qualified protection. It is recommended to replace the fuel filter every 20,000 kilometers.fuel filter

Replace equipment: prepare screwdriver and jack.


1. Park the car on a solid surface.
2. Lower the air pressure in the fuel system (loose the valve cap to lower the air pressure in the fuel system).
3. Turn on the engine until the gasoline in the pipeline runs out and the engine stops.
4. The location of the fuel filter is generally under the engine or under the fuel tank. If necessary, you can use a jack to lift the car and disconnect the fuel line from the fuel filter.
5. Remove the mounting bolts of the fuel filter, and then the fuel filter can be removed.
6、Compare whether the new fuel filter is the same as the removed model, install the new fuel filter after confirmation, pay attention to the direction to ensure that it points to the engine, and install the filter fixing bolt after confirmation.
7. Connect the fuel pipe and install the fuel pump fuse.
8. Reconnect the battery box and you can lower the car when finished.

The recommended replacement period of the fuel filter should vary according to its own structure, performance and purpose, etc., and cannot be generalized. Most automobile manufacturers recommend a replacement period of 48,000 km for normal maintenance of their external filters; the recommended replacement period for conservative maintenance is 192,000 km. If in doubt, please refer to the owner’s manual to find the correct recommended replacement period.

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