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The important points of maintaining air filters

2020-12-31 View:

1. Check and clean the exhaust vent on the centrifugal dust hood of the filters and keep it clear. Pull out the dust in the dust pan and then use the brush to clear the dust on the flow deflector

2. The oil level of lacquer tray should keep in the oil level mark. If the oil level is too low, it will affect the filtration efficiency. If the oil level too high, it will increase the air inflow resistance , at the same time it will suck the oil into the air cylinder and cause carbon and even it will cause aerodyne.

3. Check and clean the oil pan regularly and replace oil. The viscosity of the oil should be appropriate, if it is too big, it will block the strainer easily and affect the flowing of air, which increase the resistance of air inflow. If the viscosity is too small, it will reduce the filtration efficiency of filters and it will suck the oil into the cylinder. It is relatively economical to use the used oil 

4. Clean the filter strainer regularly. If the strainer is polluted seriously, it should clean the upper strainer at the same time. Make it dry after cleaning and use the oil to soak it, install it after extra oil is leaked. If there is too much dust on the air insuction pipe, it should clean it combined with maintenance.

5. The maintenance of foam plastic air filter is to clean the accumulated dust inside the housing and clean the plastic element. It needs to use detergent or soap suds , place the filter disc in the cleanout fluid, use hand to knead and clean out the dirt and then use clean water to wash it. After it is try, soak the filter disc in oil and then use hand to crush the extra oil

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