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Five big truck maintenance tips, let you become an old driver

2020-09-03 View:

As the saying goes, trucks are repaired at seven points and three points. Only regular maintenance of the various parts of the truck can extend the service life of the truck. However, if the vehicle is not well maintained, it will cause damage to the major systems in the slightest, and will greatly reduce the service life of the vehicle. Here are 5 useful tips for truck maintenance!

01  Regularly change the oil and filter

When the oil passes through the pores of the oil filter element, the solid particles and viscous substances in the oil are accumulated in the filter. If the filter is clogged, the oil cannot pass through the filter element smoothly, and the filter element may burst or the safety valve may be opened.

The oil passes through the by-pass valve and still brings dirt back to the lubrication part, which promotes the acceleration of engine wear and increases internal pollution. Therefore, the regular replacement of the oil filter is very important. The choice of oil is not the more expensive the better, the best for your car is the best.

02  Maintain the air filter and clean the intake pipe

The intake duct is one of the engine's air intake systems. Kayou often drives in dusty road conditions, and it is easy to accumulate too much internal impurities, causing the intake duct to be blocked, and aggravating the wear and aging of the engine. The air filter should be maintained regularly, otherwise it will not only affect the power fuel consumption, but also aggravate the early wear of the matching sleeve and affect the service life of the engine. The intake pipe needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid walking on dusty roads.

03  Add oil according to the scale line of the oil gauge

The oil in the engine oil pan should be controlled between the upper and lower engraved lines on the oil dipstick. When the oil in the engine oil pan is insufficient, the friction between the bearing and the journal will be poorly lubricated due to the small amount of oil, aggravating the degree of wear, and even causing a bush-burning shaft accident. However, if there is too much oil, the crankshaft handle and the big end of the connecting rod will be violently agitated when the engine is working, which not only increases the internal power loss of the engine, but also increases the oil splashing on the cylinder wall, causing the failure of burning and draining the oil. 

04  Tire pressure maintains standard pressure

The tire pressure has a great influence on the driving of the truck. During maintenance, not only the degree of tire wear, but also the tire pressure must be checked. Some car owners like to charge the tire pressure higher, thinking it saves fuel. However, if the tire pressure is too high, the tire contact surface will be reduced, the wear will increase, and the tire life will be shortened. It will also reduce the braking effect during braking, which will cause greater harm to driving safety; if the air pressure is too low, cracks will occur and affect The speed of the car increases fuel consumption.

The scientific inflation standard should be based on the standard air pressure given by the manufacturer. If the car manufacturer does not have special regulations, no special adjustment is required in winter or summer. The tire pressure setting mainly takes into account the weight of the vehicle body, the height of the chassis, etc. factor.

05  Add coolant after the engine is naturally cooled

Lack of water in the water tank, overloaded operation of the engine, and poor heat dissipation will cause the truck water tank to boil. At this time, if cold water is added immediately, it will cause the cylinder head and cylinder block to burst. Once the water tank is found to be boiling, emergency measures should be taken to stop the operation and let the coolant cool down by itself. We should inflate according to the standard air pressure marked on the tires. Generally, the inflation amount is ±5% of the standard air pressure.

Long-term maintenance

In the past two years, the long-term maintenance of trucks has been a hot topic of concern to truck friends, and more and more brands are developing in this direction, long-term air filter, long-term machine filter, long-term engine oil... many truck friends also like this kind of products, because they can reduce the frequency of maintenance, which not only saves time and effort, but also saves money!

At present, Meiruier has developed a series of long-life diesel filters ranging from 30,000, 60,000, and 100,000 kilometers according to the needs of different customers and divided by service life. They are well received by card friends. Buy now , Meiruier boutique gifts for free!

Using multi-layer composite gradient filter material and optimizing structure design, it has the following significant advantages

  1》The overall structure is optimized, and the reliability is greatly improved (for example, the pulse resistance performance can reach more than 1 million times)

  2》Large dust capacity, long service life

  3》High filtration efficiency

  4》The filter material is embedded with a variety of synthetic fibers, even full synthetic fibers, with higher strength and better resistance to high oil temperature aging

The high-efficiency diesel filter mainly adopts the high-pressure COMMON RAIL system (hpcr), which is generally equipped with two-stage filtration. The pre-filter filters most of the water and large particles of impurities, and the fine filter filters small particles of impurities. The oil-water separation capacity of the product is more than 95%, and the filtration efficiency for particles ≧4μm(c) is more than 98.6%.

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